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The CATsa Monica Kitty Bed and Breakfast


CAT ONLY facility

  • Separate Boarding & Hospital Areas
  • Peaceful, home-like environment
  • Multi-level or side-by-side compartments  
  • Separate food/litter areas.
  • Window views and perches provided
  • Individual attention
  • Healthy cat boarding ONLY
  • Flea-free facility
  • Trained staff that monitor for any changes and report to Dr. Paper daily.
  • Dr. Paper does rounds twice daily to ensure all cats remain healthy and happy while boarding.

Requirements for Boarding

  • All cats are REQUIRED to have proof of a negative feline leukemia test.
  • Cats must have been vaccinated against upper-respiratory and rabies within the last year.
  • Cats must have had a recent physical exam and at the time presented for boarding, show no signs or symptoms of any communicable disease.
  • When space is limited during peak boarding times (ie: holidays) reservations are granted to established clientele


  • Boarding rates are charged per night
  • Boarding rates include food, water, litter, bedding, treats & catnip.
  • Toys are available for a small fee
  • Grooming services are available
  • Veterinary services are available
  • Hill's Science Diet & Purina prescription diets are available


Boarding $20.00/night
Boarding w/ meds $23.00/night
Monthy Rate *Call for rate
Daily Brushing $2.00/day
Toys (Mice/Balls) $1.00/ea
Nail Trim $10.00
Ear Cleaning $12.00
Topical Flea Treatment $18.00-$25.00